Nature’s information codes decrypted

for better quality of life

Health is our greatest asset

However, it is endangered by stress and today's environmental pollution. Energy deficiency, listlessness up to burnout syndrome or worse are often the result.

Energy frequency patterns, given birth to by the Big Bang, have ever since affected life on this planet. Since we humans are part of nature and its order energy frequency patterns can affect the natural order of our organism and thus our well being in a positive way.


Supports a faster and more intensive deep relaxation.


Support in solving blockades.


Support of the individual sleep phases.


Supports the regeneration cycle of all cells during sleep for a fresher appearance.


Strength, courage and improvement of the quality of life can be promoted.


The desired vitality can be achieved within a few minutes.

Celestial primordial cosmic sounds

Immerse yourself in the world of primordial cosmic sounds and experience this unique work composed for you.

Open the gate to the universe

PRIMORDIAL nature sounds, are based on primordial cosmic sounds which only by special filtering could be calculated and transformed into Celestial Primordial Sounds.

Natural Regeneration

Fountain of youth myth ..... Dream or reality?

People have always dreamed of a fountain of youth - unfortunately reality disappoints. Modern science is feverishly working on new methods and has to admit that there is no real fountain of youth.

How could it be - if one believes to be able to rejuvenate a biological complicated system "human being" unbiological - e.g. in a chemical or technical way?

Nevertheless: Man as part of nature automatically has fountain of youth effects in his program - all you have to do is hit the right notes.

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