About Us

As chance would have it, the right people found each other at just the right time.

And if then a world first comes into being and encounters said TEAM Alternative Tracks emerge. And we started on these tracks right away. The company name mirrors this process.

Alternative Paths - Alternative Tracks - ALTRACKS©

We are talking about PRIMORDIAL nature sounds and we call them - BIONICwaves©.

These exclusive primordial nature sounds have been calculated and filtered from frequencies originating from the Big Bang (source: NASA) in decades of research. BIONICwaves©, PRIMORDIAL nature sounds, are based on primordial cosmic sounds which only by special filtering (using, among others, Fibonacci numerical codes and the almost 48,000 frequency patterns of our Brain) could be calculated and transformed into Celestial Primordial Sounds.

At ALTRACKS© we have made it our mission to rigorously follow the Alternative Tracks and to do our part in spreading these ingenious PRIMORDIAL nature sounds - BIONICwaves© -throughout the world.

ALTRACKS_Petra Weiss

Petra Weiß
​Company founder
 Sales- & Marketingmanagement


Rita Koch
Company founder
 Projectmanagement & Controlling


Christian Brand Company founder
 IT & Projectmanagement

ALTRACKS_Simone Greimel

Simone Greimel

ALTRACKS_Thomas Gunia

Thomas Gunia

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