BIONICwaves©-Sleep - Simply Sleep Well


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You do not buy a CD, but an audio file to download...

Listen for restful sleep so you may start your day full of energy and zest for life.

BIONICwaves©-Sleep can help you ...

  • Release the tensions accumulated during the day
  • Fall asleep more easily
  • Sleep through the night
  •  Recover more thoroughly, recharge your batteries
  • Wake up revived and refreshed

... and all that

  • without medication
  • without side effects 
  • without need for extra time 

BIONICwaves©-Sleep uses the power of the universe.

Let yourself be pampered and immerse yourself in the unique symphony of nature with BIONICwaves©-Sleep.

Audio length: 43:00 minutes
Download in MP3
Download size: 57 MB
Price: 98€
VAT incl.

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