BIONICwaves©-Weight - Dieting Is So Outdated


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You do not buy a CD, but an audio file to download..

Do you want to, finally, reach and stay at your desired weight? 
And all that ...

  • Without dieting and yo-yo effect
  • Without supplements or shakes
  • Without obligatory exercise
  • Without spending extra time
  • Without ongoing cost
  • Without medication and without side effects

BIONICwaves©-Weight can support you on the way to your desired weight
and also can ...

  • Increase your attractive and self-confident presence
  • Benefit your agility and fitness
  • Help you make your day-to-day life more energized
  • Prevent or reduce ailments 

BIONICwaves©-Weight uses the power of the universe.

Audio length: 48:35 minutes
Download in MP3
Download size: 62 MB
Price: 98€ 
VAT incl.

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