A World First!

​Energy frequency patterns, given birth to by the Big Bang, have ever since affected life on this planet. They serve as informational codes of nature. Since we humans are part of nature and its order energy frequency patterns can affect the natural order of our organism and thus our wellbeing in a positive way.

BIONICwaves© now make the Big Bang’s background noise audible for human ears. This has been achieved by custom calculations and filtering after decades of research. Fibonacci number codes and the more than 48,000 frequency patterns of our Brain have been applied to them among others.

From outer space Big Bang waves are being sent as visible and invisible energies. They contain vital live information. Without them no life could arise or subsist. To this day they control nature and its natural order.

By adding individually attuned instruments to these pure cosmic sounds unique melodious sound sequences emerge and with their vibration can have a positive influence on body, soul, and mind.

Audio Sample

BIONICwaves©-Sleep - Simply Sleep Well




BIONICwaves©-Anti Stress


BIONICwaves©-Weight - Dieting Is So Outdated

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